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    Tufenkian Heritage Hotels is the first luxury boutique hotel chain in Armenia. Each Hotel is located within a scenic village setting and offers an unforgettable experience. Choose your Tufenkian Hotel in Yerevan, Dilijan, Lori or Lake Sevan. Tufenkian Restaurants offer Armenian cuisine made from fresh local ingredients and regional recipes.

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    Dear Mr. Tufenkian

    I have visited all of your hotels and I don't want to repeat what everybody knows, excellent  food and service. But I do want to commend you as an individual who has made a great contribution in our small and young republic. I wish that we had other individuals like you as I'm sure our country would truly blossom.


    Everything about Avan Dzoraget Hotel is very pleasant. We will definitely recommend this hotel.

    Hrair and Zaroug Kabakian

    First of all, I was kind of enchanted seeing the name Kharpert, as it means a lot to me. I consider myself a "Kharpertsi" as my roots are from there, and that the fact we should always consider ourselves as such has a major impact on "Armenianity" and on the continuation of Armenian 
    culture and heritage overall. Kudos to M. Tufenkian!


    Second, I did not waste any time, even hasted, to get inside the restaurant. One word: I liked the interior. Major reason, probably, because most restaurants in Armenia are not as I call them family-friendly, but Kharpert is a nice place where you can relax, eat and talk quietly and peacefully. Places such this should be in abundance all over Armenia. In fact, the situation is really changing. Nowadays I see some newly opened restaurants in Yerevan, established by Syrian-Armenian immigrants, which seem to work properly and prosper.

    That is due, in my opinion, to being family-restaurants. So, one more time praise to Tufenkian for acquiring and accomplishing such a task.


    Third and a very important point; the staff of the restaurant have smile on their face and they create a very friendly mood (please, don't take it as a joke, but it's a sad thing you encounter grumpy faces all over Armenia).  So my question, where on earth did M. Tufenkian fetch those people?


    Ah, now we come to the most exciting part: the menu. Frankly I did not consider trying various Italian dishes, that was not my target, instead I aimed for our National dishes... Delighted. Can't deny that I was taken back to the time when my mom cooked them, and probably my appreciation and evaluation would be quite subjective, but my son was also delighted and enchanted. And as I understood, M. Tufenkian is a Kharpertsi too, so I thank him for the wonderful and tasty food I had.

    Of course, as I remember from my mom's menu, some names are a bit changed, but that is not important, on the contrary now I know I have a place where I can have a nice lunch with my family.


    Dr. Harout V. Tanielian

    It's been so great  to find this cute little restaurant  in Dilijan with such a nice personnel and decent food.

    Thanks much!

    Zaruhi Saroyan

    Dear Mr. Tufenkian

    What a pleasure it is to drive at this lovely restaurant in Dilijan! We couldn't have enough of all types of food which is close to our heart - that is Western Armenian flavors and dishes.

    Above all, the staff and the chef are of the highest caliber - courteous, pleasant and ready to go that extra mile for the patrons.

    Our best

    Kohar, Mitch & Megan Mardirosyan

    All Armenians know that Dilijan is a beautiful place, but very few know that it becomes even more beautiful when you stay at Tufenkian hotel. Me and my friend are among those few. Thank you for the wonderful dishes, good music and absolutely friendly staff.

    Tsovinar Gapoujyan, Irina Danielyan

    A wonderful delight to find this guest house in Dilijan. Good foresight. The food is fantastic and the collection and staff next door were most professional.

    Saro Khachikyan from Boston

    It was great pleasure to be served here, where we found an excellent hospitality and warmest reception in Dilijan. The most important issue that my children get from here is sense of  fatherland. Many thanks to all Tufenkian!

    Special gratitude to the amazing staff!

    Ruben Boroyan

    Dear Mr. Tufenkian;

    Recently I and Boston Composer Hayg Boyadjian visited historic churches near the Lori region. On that occasion we spent on night in Avan Dzoraget Hotel. we are both thankful for the very enjoyable atmosphere of the hotel and the very good service that we have received.

    I am now working on an opera on the life of Mashtots, and therefore i was very impressed by the fact that the lobby of the hotel displayed the Armenian alphabet.

    Edward Sadoyan

    Edward Sadoyan

    We especially liked the decoration in Avan Marak Tsapatagh Hotel. Very stylish rooms, very friendly and helpful staff.

    Renson Boudoux

    The best thing about Tufenkian Hotels besides excellent décor and cpmfort of rooms, is the courtesy of staff. Staff seems to be happy and proud working for a hotel, very helpful to guests and create a very warm and nice atmosphere. Thanks for that.

    Viktoriya Meiksane

    Thank you very much for Old Dilijan Complex. I'm really impressed. I met my history in this house. I became closer to my homeland. Thanks for making that happened!

    Marika & Ruben

    Thank you for the great service and hospitality of Avan Dzoraget Hotel, everything was just great.

    Jorge Langoria

    Провели в вашей гостинице 8 незабываемых дней, очарованы изысканным интерьером гостиницы и были окружены вниманием и теплотой работников гостиницы и ресторана.

    Sargsyan Margarita

    The Hotel and restaurant on lake Sevan are very beautiful, but the best thing was the service of the staff.

    Martin Chakoian

    Dear Staff, 

    Thank you for an outstanding stay, the service was excellent – especially by “Anna” in the restaurant. The staff has been well trained to know what pleases their guests and follows European expectations in that area. The food was excellent and well presented. The rooms are tastefully decorated combining modern and traditional. The buildings have been exquisitely renovated and are a have for those seeking a few days of luxury and relaxation. The signage could be better, this jewel is hard to find. The reception does not border on the main street and is easily overlooked.  Otherwise BRAVO, we hope the town follows suit. Thank you again. 

    Joyce and Edward Eve

    Dear James

    What a delight to be a guest a yet another Tufenkian restaurant. As always the food was super, the atmosphere pleasant and the staff welcoming and service with a smile.

    Best wishes


    Dilijan is a great place, we've really enjoyed the beautiful nature, the nice little shop and the friendly people.

    Juscha Manska from Holland

    Avan Marak Tsapatagh Hotel is a perfect hotel. Lovely rooms and suites, very comfortable beds, charming and polite staff.

    Tim Padworth and Tanya Panasenko

    We enjoyed very much our stay in Avan Marak Tsapatagh Hotel; we found the facility and the staff to be very professional and helpful.

    Hratch Mesropian

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