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Yoga Sessions


Description: Relax and realign while participating in the Sunrise or Evening Yoga sessions provided by our hotel. Our experienced yoga instructors will help you reduce stress so you can fully enjoy your time spent at the hotel. The activity will take place in the peaceful surroundings of either the hotel’s garden with lake views or in the Walnut Garden.

Conditions: Yoga sessions are 2-2.5 hours and require a minimum of five participants. The hotel will provide yoga mats.

Activity prices:

Participants         Price (AMD)

       5                         24.000

      6-8                       20.000

     9-10                      13.000


Cooking Classes

cookingclasses.jpgDescription:  In the cooking classes guests will learn how to cook unique local dishes from the famous Zanazan Restaurant, including marinated eggplant salad, hot hummus and trout fillet in lavash. Participants of the class will enjoy a lunch or dinner served with dishes from the class along with other items from the standard menu (e.g., tomato, cucumber and cheese salad,  cheese Lori, bread/lavash, tea/coffee and water). 

Conditions: Cooking classes must be scheduled two days in advance and will be available in the afternoons from 1PM to 6PM. Classes can accommodate 3 to 10 guests and will last up to 1.5 hours. 

Activity prices: Cooking classes are AMD 7.500 per person



Cycling Tours in Tsapatagh 


Description: Fill your vacation with unforgettable memories by participating in our guided cycling tours. We offer two options for cycling tours: 

1.Biking to Jil village which includes spending time at the beach area near the village and then biking back to the hotel. 

2.Biking through Artanish village to Port Ayas, where bikers can participate in a few extra activities offered by Port Ayas. Our instructor will give you a detailed brief before the start of the tour.

Trail  Length (km) Length (mi) Duration (hour)  Difficulty level
Jil 15 9.4 1 easy
Artanish 30 18.7 2 medium

The hotel also offers individual bicycle rentals.

Conditions: Tours can be organized for up to four persons. Booking one day in advance is required. The hotel will provide bicycles, biking helmets and bottled water for the tour. 

 Activity prices:

Participants      Price per person (AMD)

       1                 27 . 000

       2                 18 . 500

       3                 16 . 000

       4                 14 . 000


* Individual rental is also available. The first hour costs 3.000 AMD; starting from the second hour the rental cost will be 2.000 AMD. Full day rent costs 10.000 AMD.

 Mountain Biking Tours 

Mountainbiking.jpgDescription: The guided mountain biking tour starts at the hotel and finishes in the nearby Pambak village. The trail will amaze you with its beautiful landscapes and magnificent views of Lake Sevan. During the tour you’ll be challenged by the terrain, biking up and down small mountains, crossing rivers and passing through forests. From Pambak village you can bike back to the hotel on the paved road.


Trail  Length (km) Length (mi) Duration (hour)  Difficulty level
Pambak 7.6 4.7 1.5 medium

Conditions: Tours are organized for up to four guests and participants need to book one day in advance. The hotel will provide bicycles, biking helmets and bottled water.  

Activity prices:

Participants         Price per person (AMD)

       1                 35 . 500

       2                 27 . 000

       3                 24 . 000

       4                 23 . 000


 Guided Hiking Tours 



Explore the surrounding areas of the hotel by participating in one of our guided hiking tours. There are five trail options with different levels of difficulty, length and duration.
The hotel will provide transportation from the finish point back to the hotel.

Conditions: The tour must be scheduled one day in advance. Children 7 years and younger can participate free of charge and must be accompanied by a parent.

Activity prices:

Participants         Price (AMD)

       1                         17.000

      2-3                       8.500

      4-6                       4.500

      7-10                     4. 000

 * Prices don’t include the pick up option. Depending on the group’s size the pick up will cost 3.000 – 5.000 (AMD) per person.

 Off-Road Tours  


The hotel offers two options for off-road tours with beautiful views of Lake Sevan:

1st trail: This 1.5 hour tour starts from the hotel, continues through Tsapatagh village, passes by the Walnut Garden   (“Popookanots Park”) and goes up into the mountains surrounding the nearby village of Pambak.

2nd trail: This 1 hour tour starts from the hotel, continues through the village, passes by the Walnut Garden (“Popookanots Park”), and goes up into the mountains and rock formations overlooking Tsapatagh village.

Conditions: The tour must be scheduled one day in advance and is available for up to three participants.

Activity prices:

Participants      1st trail       2nd trail

       1                25.500      20.000

       2                13.000      10.000

       3                8.500        7.000