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Old Dilijan Complex

Ananov Guesthouse

The true Dilijan experience...

In the 1800s, the age-old Armenian city of Dilijan was known as a blossoming center of culture, commerce and cuisine. In order to enjoy the region's picturesque landscape, wealthy vacationers from the region, flocked to Dilijan in increasing numbers, paving way for the town’s international culture. In 2004, Tufenkian began restoring the historical district (Sharambeyan Street) of modern-day Dilijan, preserving the 19th century architecture which you can experience today. The intricately carved balconies typical of 19th century Dilijan display the region’s historical love for fine woodwork. Old Dilijan's Esayan museum recreates a typical 19th century Dilijan home, from household textiles to hand crafted musical instruments common to the region.

Tufenkian's Ananov Guest House gives you a chance to enjoy Dilijan's nature and atmosphere entirely. The high vaulted ceilings, understated handmade chandeliers and intricately detailed handmade carpets of the Old Dilijan's Haykanoush Restaurant recall a typical Dilijani dining room.

On the streets of Old Dilijan, visitors are immersed in the finest culture of an earlier time. Specialized workshops and studios sell jewelry, clothing, carpets, ceramics and woodcarvings, arts and crafts all revived with Tufenkian’s renovation of the historical district.

Old Dilijan Complex also offers a separate picnic area, which you can rent and enjoy a day outdoors with your friends and family. The area has barbeque facilities with plates and cups provided by the complex.


Tufenkian's Ananov Guest House gives you the chance to enjoy Old Dilijan in native way. The Guest House features two suites, one located on the first floor and one on the second, and 16 guest rooms. The suites are filled with beautiful, intricate woodwork from the furniture to balcony fences to the architectural details, it radiates care and craftsmanship. Antique wardrobes emblematic of the craftsmanship and artistry found in a 19th century, Dilijani home decorate the guest rooms, mafrashes (hand woven covers) and Tuefnkian carpets give the rooms a warm and inviting feeling.

  • Suite

    Our Suites provide comfort and privacy in true bed and breakfast style. The Suites offer full-service hotel accommodation for up to 3 guests with one bedroom, a large separate room and a large private balcony.

    from 30,000 AMD

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  • Large room

    Guest House Large Rooms offer comfort and privacy in true bed and breakfast style. The Large Room offers accommodation for up to two guests, and has one bedroom, a flat screen TV, and modern amenities.

  • Medium Room

    Guest House Medium Rooms offer comfort and privacy in true bed and breakfast style. The Medium Room offers accommodation for up to 2 guests, and has one bedroom, a flat screen TV, and modern amenities. 

Facilities & Policies

Old Dilijan's facilities include craft shops, restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops, museum and a guest house. 

  • 19th century style Ananov Guest House with exceptional views of Dilijan 
  • 12 guestrooms and 2 Suites
  • Haykanoush Restaurant featuring Armenian cuisine
  • Tufenkian Bakery
  • Esayan museum featuring artifacts used in the economy and Dilijan lifestyle during 19th-20th century. In the museum you can also find handcrafted furniture typical for Dilijan lifestyle by the end of 19th century.
  • Wood workshop
  • Ceramic workshop
  • Art Gallery
  • Mineral and Silver Shop
  • Souvenir Shops


  • Stayed at suite for one night. Big terrace from bedroom with picturesque views, traditional and cosy rooms with big wood burner. Very convenient location. Had good traditional/continental breakfast on the terrace of the restaurant with beautiful views.


  • Tufenkian Old Dilijan hotel went above and beyond my expectations. Starting from the clean and cozy rooms to the incredible service provided by the employees. I highly recommend this to anyone. The quality was much higher than any high priced hotel in Yerevan. Overall amazing experience and would definitely go back.

    Zara T

  • Tufenkian Old Dilijan Complex. A hidden gem. Located perfectly between the mountains of Dilijan. This place is truly majestic. Great getaway from the city. Customer service and staff are highly generous and sincere. The restaurant has great food and the rooms are perfect. We did our wedding here in the Haykanush Restaurant and had the most memorable night of our lives. Whether you are a tourist or just passing by, I definitely recommend Tufenkian Old Dilijan Complex.

    Arman A