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Cooking Class


Description: In the cooking classes guests will learn how to cook unique Armenian dishes. During the class guests will learn how to make dishes from the famous Haykanush Restaurant, including “Apple pie”, “Lahmajun” and “Beet leaf salad”. Participants of the class will enjoy a dinner served with dishes from the class along with other food items from the standard menu. Cooking classes are available in the afternoon from 1PM to 6PM and can accommodate 3 to 7 guests. Classes last up to 1.5 hours and guests need to sign up with the hotel two days prior to the date of the cooking class.

Dishes and menu items in this class include tomato and cucumber salad, Lori cheese, beet leaf salad, bread/lavash, apple pie, Lahmajun, tea/coffee and water. 

There is also a barbecue cooking class available for guests to learn techniques for making Armenian Khorovats – traditional Aemenian barbecue. After signing up for the class and ordering from the specially designed barbecue menu you will begin the class in the designated barbecue space on the grounds of the hotel. One of our cooks will teach you the correct way of preparing the barbecue and will go over everything from building the fire to serving and enjoying your food. The maximum number of participants for the Barbecue Classes is 20. 

Conditions: Standard cooking classes must be scheduled two days in advance and barbecue classes must be scheduled three days in advance. Children 7 years and younger can participate free of charge and must be accompanied by a parent.



Board and Card Games


DescriptionEnjoy your evenings playing board games provided by our hotel. Depending on current restaurant bookings, these games may be available for play on the third floor of the hotel restaurant. 

Available board games in the Dilijan Complex include:

Backgammon, Chess.