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Avan Dzoraget Restaurant

Avan Dzoraget restaurant offers its guests a wide variety of exquisite dishes, as well as the bar service. Guests have the option to dine in the opulent atmosphere of the restaurant or on the open terrace overlooking the Debed River. The restaurant can accommodate up to 70 people and the terrace is suitable for up to 140 guests.

Avan Dzoraget is known for its secluded and quiet location, stylish traditional design, fine cuisine and relaxing ambiance.

The hotel's restaurant features traditional Armenian and Georgian dishes. Aside from Georgian dishes like chakhokhbili (chicken with onions and tomatoes) or mashed red beans, the restaurant specializes in fusion cuisine, enhancing Armenian classics with Georgian flavors like garlic and walnuts.

After dinner, guests can enjoy cocktails and relax in the adjacent bar/lounge.


Signature Dishes

Dzoraget Salad
A spicy blend of lettuce, cucumber, tomato and black olives

Red bean soup with walnuts

Trout Fillet with Greens

Oven-baked trout fillet served with pan-seared seasonal greens

Chef's Veal
Thinly sliced veal sautéed in its natural broth with red and green peppers, green onions, and a concert of Armenian spices

Avan Dzoraget Restaurant / Reviews

  • It was a very tasteful and delicious meal. Our group enjoyed our stay in this hotel very much.

    Thank You for Your hospitality.

    Andre Ugle

  • We feel like kings, and queens in the way you present us the meals (delicious) and the patience of Tigranuhi (she is wonderful and she has a wonderful smile). Thank you very much!!


  • We are very grateful for excellent service and tasty food, served at Tufenkian Dzoraget Restaurant. This is not the first time we stay here and we will definitely be back.