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Boutique Hotels Arrive in Armenia: Will Tourists Follow?

If you are thinking of spending your next vacation in Armenia- and, really who isn’t?-you’ll be happy to know that this former Soviet republic now has its first boutique hotel chain. This may be a sign that Armenia is truly ‘in’, or that boutique hotels are officially “out’.

The owners of the Tufenkian Heritage Hotels ( are hoping their three new properties will lure tourists to Armenia’s mountainous countryside , set between the Black and Caspian seas. Each hotel featured Tufenkian carpets, handmade by Armenian weavers, a well as local cuisine.

At Avan dzoraget, a 34 room hotel in Lori (on the main road to Tbilisi) there is an indoor pool, a spa and a gym. At  Avan Marak Tsapatagh, on Lake Sevan –a popular lakeside resort town with outdoor sports-the lodge is completely constructed of Armenian stone. Avan Villa, a 14-room hotel within 10 minutes from city of Yerevan, however, sounds the most stylish, with Frette linens and rooms with traditional Armenian fireplaces-the kind used to make lavash bread.