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Doing Well by Doing Good

Doing Well by Doing Good

Tufenkian Heritage Hotels chain is a member of the Tufenkian Group of Companies, a collection of unique, socially and environmentally responsible enterprises all based upon a common goal - to create products that enrich the lives of those who make them and the communities in which they live. From artisan carpets and designer boutique hotels to gourmet preserves, the Tufenkian Group of Companies is dedicated to improving the lives of the indigenous workers of Armenia and Nepal and by sustaining the environments in which they live. James Tufenkian also created the Tufenkian Foundation in order to help improve the lives of people in Armenia and Nepal both spiritually and physically. Projects address issues from hunger, housing and healthcare to the environment, education and the arts.

Tufenkian Heritage Hotels have provided much more than just a travel destination. Not only do the hotels provide an authentic experience of Armenian culture, design and craftsmanship, but they have developed an economy in destitute villages and towns. The hotels have created jobs, not only in the construction and management of the hotels, but craftsmanship jobs were implemented to create hand-woven carpets, quilts and artisan-crafted décor for the hotel.

Our Philosophy

With a business model that was developed with the intention of enriching the lives of its workers and their communities, Tufenkian leads the industry in humanitarian and environmental programs that secure the long-term health of the communities that it works with. The company invests over a million dollars of its annual profits into funding its Nepalese Worker Welfare Program and the Tufenkian Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in 1999. Before "no child labor" and "green" were buzzwords, Tufenkian refused to employ anyone under the age of 18, used traditional and earth-friendly production processes, and paid its workers competitive wages.

Sense of Humanity

A commitment to social justice was central to Tufenkian's inception. This is evident in the company's firm stand against child labor and is why Tufenkian ensures that schooling, shelter, and health care are available to its employees, their families, and their communities. Rather than providing handouts, Tufenkian's aid model is capitalistic, folded into the business model: motivating employees to create the best product possible enables quality to drive the market demand, which in turn enables Tufenkian to provide profit sharing, better work conditions, and a better environment for its employees.

Our Environment

At Tufenkian, James Tufenkian's mandate to "leave the places we touch a little better than we found them" has always been at the core of everything we do. Solar collectors in Avan Marak Tsapatagh Hotel, Tree planting in Tsapatagh village, and Water purifying station in Avan Dzoraget Hotel are just a few examples of our dedication to minimizing Tufenkian's impact on the environment, which began long before "going green" was the suggested or required thing to do. In keeping with the Tufenkian Heritage Hotels' concept of creating lodgings that compliments the surrounding environment, the appearance of the hotels is not intrusive: it blends with the natural surroundings. Tufenkian Heritage Hotels are an authentic expression of the architectural heritage that is synonymous with the region where the hotels are situated.

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