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Half Board Offer in Old Dilijan Complex

Half Board Offer in Old Dilijan Complex

Tufenkian Old Dilijan Complex is happy to announce a special half board offer available till Feb 28, 2017. The package includes;

- accommodation in Old Dilijan Complex

- breakfast

- exceptional dinner, including 1 salad and 2 main courses per person

- 30% OFF Avan Marak Tsapatagh Hotel accommodation & Zanazan restaurant for the months of May and June 2017.

Room prices for 2 persons are as follows;

Main road rooms 31,000 AMD

Medium rooms 35,000 AMD

Suites & Duplex 40,000 AMD

Extra person charge: 10,000 AMD per night.

Hurry to book this offer while it lasts!

Call us at +374 94 030883 or book online using the form below!



Dinner Menu

Salads and Appetizers 

EGGPLANT PUREE WITH MINT AND ALMONDS                                                                               

Puree made from grilled eggplants, mixed with creamy matsun, chopped almond, mint, lemon juice and garlic


Bulghur infused with concentrated tomato juce, mixed with fried onions and Armenian pepper.

DRAINED MATSUN SALAD WITH CHIPS                                                                         

A creamy matsun dip with chopped tomatoes, olives, and garlic served with dry, spiced lavash chips.


Fried eggplant, green pepper and onions seasoned with parsley, coriander and garlic.

LENTIL KUFTA                                                                                                                            

Mashed pink lentil fingers with bulghur and local spices, served with chopped tomato, onion and pepper.

LENTIL AND CARROT SALAD                                                                               

Lentils, carrots, garlic, infused with exotic spices and topped with matsun.

GREEN BEAN  SALAD                                                                                           

Green beans, tomatoes, garlic and dill seasoned with lemon juice. 



WILD MUSHROOM SOUP                          

Light soup prepared with fresh wild mushroom, potatoes, onions and rice, garnished with greens         

CHICKEN SOUP                                                                                                   

A light chicken soup with rice and herbs

SPAS (MATSUN SOUP)                                                                                          

A light Eastern Armenian version of this traditional soup of matsun shelled wheat with mint.                                          Bakery


Beef:  ground beef, vegetables and spices on our special thin curst

Beef/Matsun:  ground beef, yogurt, walnuts and spices on our special thin curst

Cheese:  our special bubbling, crispy crust, with a mixture of Armenian cheese and dried mint

WARM SUBOREG                                                                                                

Sheets of Armenian pasta painstakingly rolled by hand paper thin, layered with Armenian cheeses, butter and parsley, baked until the top is crispy, brown and the cheese is melted.


BEEF  STEW WITH  POMEGRANATE                                                                                                                               

Beef stewed in pomegranate juice, with a mixture of herbs and spices

BEEF  STEW WITH OKRA                                                                                                           

Beef stewed with okra and tomatoes, flavored with lemon juice, allspice and basil leaves

BEEF  STEW AND  CELERY                                                                                    

Beef stew, cooked with celery, chickpeas, carrots and a blend of spices

Meat Dishes

SMIRNA KUFTA                                                                                                                           

Lightly spiced ground beef balls pan, fried and, served in rich tomato gravy, and accented with Armenian spices.

Served with your choice of side dish.


Fresh grape leaves stuffed with ground meat, onion and spices.

TAVOUSH STYLE FRIED PORK                                                                              

Small pieces of local pork, pan fried with onions, potatoes and cornelian cherries. Served in a clay pot.

BULGHUR PILAF VAN STYLE                                                                                

Traditional Van pilaf, with bulghur, fried local pork, onions and tomatos.

Chicken Dishes 

CHICKEN IN SPICY ORANGE SAUCE                                                                       

Chicken marinated in orange and sweet spices then baked and served in a reduction of its own juices, with mint-flavored matsun on the side.

PAN FRIED CHICKEN                                                                                           

Whole chicken served with your choice of fried potatoes, plain rice pilaf or bulghur pilaf with celery.


Chicken meat cooked slowly with whole grains to form a thick stew, topped with melted butter and citric tang of ground red sumac.

Fish Dishes

TROUT FILLET IN LAVASH                                                                                   

Trout fillet baked in lavash shell together with seasonal vegetables and mild, stringy cheese.

WHOLE TROUT BARBEQUE                                                                                  

Whole trout seasoned with red pepper and tomato sauce and barbequed.

Khorovats – Barbequed Skewered Meats

CHICKEN BARBEQUE                                                                                          

Chicken breast cubes marinated in a blend of lemon and spices, barbequed with pepper and onion.

PORK BARBEQUE                                                                                               

Pork seasoned simply with fresh herbs, onions and barbequed.


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