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James Tufenkian’s Message

Welcome to Armenia

Dear Traveler,

When I first visited my ancestral homeland, I was amazed by the beauty and history of the land and the spirit of the people. So, I seized the opportunity to use my business to help revive a long-treasured Armenian art that had been lost during the Soviet years: carpet weaving. As I spent more time in the country and got to know its life more intimately-as I experienced the food and culture, hiked through its landscapes and toured its history - I felt like I had a secret that I wanted to share with the world.

That's when the idea for Tufenkian Heritage Hotels was born, a chain of world-class hotels that would introduce the full scope of Armenia's grandeur to the world. Travelers of all stripes could experience the history, culture, adventure, excitement, and romance that make Armenia's offerings so spectacular.

Each hotel would offer guests a unique level of comfort and a distinctly Armenian level of hospitality. All of the furniture would be handmade by Armenian artisans from local materials, such as iron and basalt stone. The furnishings would be data-styled after older Armenian traditions and tied together by top designers to create environments that excite and welcome modern travelers.

We invite you to experience Armenia in all its splendor and diversity. I hope you'll join us for an unforgettable experience.

Bari Galust!
James Tufenkian