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Kharpert Restaurant

Age-old culinary tradition revived.

Tufenkian Kharpert Restaurant in Yerevan invites you into a whole new world of traditional Armenian cuisine! Much of our culinary heritage, especially that of historic Western Armenia, perished in the Genocide along with so much else of our culture and we were left with a handful of popular dishes that became the standard-bearers of a proud culinary heritage.

But here, at Tufenkian Kharpert Restaurant in Yerevan, we are committed to revive this central element of Armenian culture, reawaken our tradition of culinary excellence, and in doing so reinvigorate guests with a true appreciation for the art of dining. We combine fresh ingredients, fresh ideas, and the age-old culinary wisdom of our ancestors, to bring to you our modern renditions of classic Western Armenian cuisine.

Our menu is a labor of love. We have traveled to historic Armenian villages and researched local preparations and ingredients, pored over obscure cookbooks, and uncovered long lost recipes preserved only in private collections.

We see food as a vital, resilient and living element of our culture, and so our mission to breathe new life into Western Armenian cuisine is ongoing. We continue to search for new and seasonal recipes and ingredients that we feature in an extensive listing of daily specials.

It is our sincere hope that at Tufenkian Kharpert restaurant in Yerevan you will not only be delighted with your dining experience, but that you will come away with a newfound knowledge of, and enthusiasm for, Armenian cooking.

One of the most ancient peoples in the world, Armenians always treasured their incredibly rich culinary tradition. For thousands of years our people lived scattered across a multitude of isolated villages. As a result, our cuisine was characterized by great diversity, with as many regional variations as there were dialects of the Armenian language.

Guests can enjoy their meal in the main hall, comfortable lounge area on the second floor of the restaurant or in the outdoor cafe if the weather allows. The restaurant can accommodate up to 100 guests.

Kharpert Kufta

A delicate shell of ground beef and bulgur, stuffed with a mixture of parsley, nuts, onion and spices. Served in traditional Kharpert data-style in a light beef broth, or plain with fresh lemon wedges.

Trout Fillet in Lavash

Trout fillet baked in a lavash shell together with seasonal vegetables and mild, stringy cheese.

Chicken in Spicy Orange Sauce

Chicken marinated in orange and sweet spices then baked and served in a reduction of its own juices, with mint-flavored matsun on the side.

Visit us at 48 Hanrapetutyun str., Yerevan, Armenia.


Kharpert Restaurant / Reviews

  • Excellent first class hotel in central position. Friendly helpful staff and rooms furnished to a high standard. Very good restaurant in the hotel with high quality food.


  • When I leave Yerevan, I always crave the Marash Salad mixed with walnuts and oranges and apples or pears. I mostly have dinner here and it is the best place to have an unforgettable breakfast. Everything is abundant and it feels like I am in New York yet I am eating my grandmothers cooking. There are so many vegetarian dishes to choose from and the ambiance is so cool. While there, don't forget to check out how they are carpet weaving in the store. Awesome place. Do not miss it. Best food in Armenia.

    Lucie A

  • First, I was really impressed with the elegance and atmosphere in this restaurant. It gives you the feel of a fine dining experience in a quiet room. The background music is subdued and pleasant. Second, the menu selection is extraordinary. A great selection of soups, salads, international and Armenia dishes of every variety from fish to chicken to beef. Third, the prices are very reasonable for the quality of the food and service. I went for lunch, but will go again for dinner. I highly recommend this place if you are in Yerevan. 

    Glen W

  • Everything was delicious. Lots of vegetarian options as well as meat options. Love the preservation of very old Armenian recipes. International dishes also wonderful. Great atmosphere and wonderful service. Will be back again and again.