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COVID-19 Travel | Updates: Our Commitment to Cleanliness
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Our commitment to Cleanliness

Dear Guests,

We are extremely excited to be back to traveling and welcome our first guests.  As the expectations and concerns for cleaning and disinfection are changed, we do our best to make sure our guests feel safe at Tufenkian Heritage Hotels.

Foreign citizens can arrive to Armenia by air. However, immediate COVID-19 health check-ups should be carried-out. The travelers have possibility to undergo at their own expense, a coronavirus PCR test at the Zvartnots International Airport and get the results within couple of hours.

Please be informed, that Tufenkian Hotels keep the highest standards of hygiene and the following steps are taken:


  • We keep a 72-hour gap between check-out and check-in, if possible

  • Deep cleaning and disinfection is done after check-out

  • Pillows, Linens, Matrasses are disinfected every day and after every check out

  • We minimalized the number of items in every room (there are only pen and paper, which are changed with every check-in)

  • All our hotels’ rooms currently are smoke-free

  • Staff always wears masks and gloves.

  • All the cleaned and disinfected rooms have the “Clean Seal”


  • Automated Sanitizers are installed

  • There are social distancing markings on the floor

  • Check-in/ check-out process is digitalized 

  • Tap and Pay methods of payments are implemented

  • The receipts will be received through e-mails

  • The rooms’ keys will be sanitized before delivering to the guests


  •  Elevators are equipped with sanitizers

  •  Elevators are sanitized every 20-60 minutes, depending on the hotel occupancy

  • There are stickers on the floors for keeping the distance between guests

  • On each floor, next to the elevator, you will find separate trashcans for masks and gloves 


  • Every guest’s temperature is checked near the entrance

  • Lobbies are sanitized every 30-180 min, depending on the hotel occupancy

  • Lobbies are equipped with sanitizers, masks and gloves

  • There are stickers on the floor for keeping the social distance between the guests (1.5-2 m)


  • Restrooms are sanitized after each guest

  • Separate trashcans for gloves and masks are installed in restrooms


  • Tables at all Tufenkian Restaurants are arranged with a distance of 1.5-2 m

  • There are sanitizers on each table

  • QR codes for menus are generated, so the process will be hands-free and safe

  • Tap and Pay methods of payments are implemented

  • Everything at the restaurant (tables, chairs, walls) is frequently disinfected

  • The envelopes of cutleries are packaged in plastics