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Zanazan Restaurant

The exquisite Zanazan restaurant at Avan Marak Tsapatagh overlooks Lake Sevan and surrounding countryside from a beautiful open terrace. The restaurant offers exceptional Armenian cuisine made from fresh local ingredients and regional recipes, creatively reinterpreted and expanded by the Tufenkian culinary team.

Guests can enjoy their meals in the medieval dining hall or on the open terrace with a spectacular view over the lake. The restaurant can accommodate up to 130 people.

High vaulted ceilings at the Zanazan Restaurant provide guests with a unique experience, reminiscent of dining in a grand hall of a countryside manor. Enjoy freshly caught white fish from Lake Sevan, a popular favorite in local cuisine. Tufenkian Chefs prepare the fish to perfection, either pan friend, boiled, barbequed or oven baked, based on your choice.


Signature Dishes

Zanazan Salad
Sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, traditional Armenian cheese, spiced and served with fried lavash

Green Olive and Apple Salad
Sliced green olives and apples with traditional Armenian cheese

Smirna Kufta
Lightly-spiced,ground beef potties, served in a rich tomato gravy, accented with Armenian spices

Oven Fried Sig
Fresh white fish from lake Sevan marinated in a tomato and paprika sauce barbequed in the traditional Armenian style

Apple Pie
Cinnamon-spiced apples, nuts and raisins rolled in a light pastry dough

Zanazan Restaurant / Reviews

  • Nestled with in a small village along the banks of Lake Sevan, the location of this hotel is idyllic. It allows us to feel a part of this landscape and its people and not isolated the way tourists often feel.

    The décor is fantastic, the cleanliness and service outstanding. The food is out of this world!

    Our hats off to you!!

    Nadia Injeyan

  • It has been a delightful experience to dine, so exquisitely on the shores of Lake Sevan. The food is some of the best I have tasted on the world, the white wine is superb and the service has been charming attentive and professional.

    Sylvia Scott

  • On two successive evenings, we have enjoyed superb Armenian Cuisine on a magnificent setting overlooking Lake Sevan, which changes its aspect every few minutes. We could hardly have enjoyed it more, and look forward to future visits. Food and drink are keys to a culture, and we believe that we have enjoyed the best of Armenian hospitality precisely here.

    John and Donna Evans